David White's Extensions For Borland's All-Java JBuilder IDE

JBuilder is a java IDE created by Inprise/Borland. In its all-java versions the Open Tools API has begun to be revealed so that any java programmer can create extensions for the IDE environment. Several such extensions can be found via the JBuilder Open Tools Repository.

My experimentation with the Open Tools API began almost immediately after I downloaded my first copy of JBuilder Foundation 3.0. I have continued to create extensions to provide the functionality that my associates and I found missing in the initial release. This page has been published to share my results and to help foster a larger community of Open Tools programmers who's efforts will improve the JBuilder experience for all and help cement JBuilder's place in the growing population of java IDEs. The software distributed on this page is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Thanks to SourceForge for making it possible to so easily host this web site.

The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone. Your comments and questions should be directed to me.

My Open Tools Extensions

The following open tools extensions are available: Download Page