David White's ConfiguredClasspathTomcatSetup Addin For JBuilder 5.0 Enterprise

JBuilder 5.0 Enterprise (and, perhaps, other editions as well) has the somewhat irritating tendency to place ALL of a web application project's library files onto the JVM classpath when Tomcat is started by the IDE. This ends up causing library classes to be loaded by the JVM's default class loader rather than that provided by Tomcat. All sorts of wierd problems can arise. This addin allows you to specify the names of one or more library files to be stripped from the JVM classpath specified by the IDE when Tomcat is run. This permits the expected behavior of the web application.

Ken Chan's (Borland) "Struts Support Addin" was posted on Borland's Community Code Central site by Ken Sipe (kennysipe@hotmail.com). The nostruts.jar contained therein offered a partial fix of this problem for users of Jakarta Struts by removing the struts.jar file from the classpath passed to Tomcat. Unfortunately, this proves less than a complete fix as other jar files could also end up on Tomcat's classpath and cause similar problems. This addin extends the original route proposed by Ken and extends it to allow the user to specify a list of library files (per JBuilder project) to be stripped from the classpath specified by JBuilder to Tomcat.

Please note that while the webinfextension.jar file distributed with Ken's addin is still required (it ensures that .tld files get placed into the WEB-INF directory of the web application), the nostruts.jar is no longer required when the ConfiguredClasspathTomcatSetup addin is in use. Indeed, its presence may cause problems so be sure to remove it prior to installing the ConfiguredClasspathTomcatSetup.jar file.

As the addin is distributed under the GNU LGPL, source code is included in the distribution .jar file. Also in the .jar file you will find a readme file with more details about the addin and how to install/configure it.

New Version 0.40! Now you can edit the addin's properties file and have changes take effect without having to re-start JBuilder.

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