David White's Jindent Addin For JBuilder

Jindent is a tool you can use to reformat java source files so that they conform to a known standard. When I began using Jindent the tool was at revision 2.1 and was made available without charge. This tool proved so useful that I just had to incorporate easy access to it from within JBuilder! Initially, I tried to do so via the user-configurable Tools menu in the IDE. This worked but was slow and unpredictable because JBuilder does not save files to disk prior to executing a Tools menu item. This meant that recent changes were not always flushed to disk prior to running Jindent. In addition, this proved to be a slow process as another virtual machine had to be started each time.

This addin solves the problems I was having trying to use the Tools menu approach. Now, running Jindent is easy to do. Typically, the addin does not execute Jindent against disk files. Instead, it passes JBuilder's editor buffer to Jindent directly. Using these techniques, the operation is faster and un-doable in JBuilder's IDE. Also, no additional virtual machine is required.

As of this writing, versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 3.2, 3.21, 3.22, 3.23, and 3.5 of Jindent have been released. While these greatly enhanced versions of Jindent are no longer free of charge, limited function trial editions are available. At its modest cost, the standard edition of Jinent seems to me a real bargin.

The new version (2.50) of my JindentAddin supports ALL released versions of Jindent and is available on the download page. New features include:

As the addin is distributed under the GNU LGPL, source code is included in the distribution .jar file. Also in the .jar file you will find a readme file with more details about the addin and how to install/configure it.

Download Page