David White's Print Addin For JBuilder Foundation 3.0

JBuilder Foundation 3.0 was a surprisingly stable and worthy tool at its initial release. However at that time, several of my team partners were still using JBuilder For Windows which was a Windows-only application. One of several features that did not initially get ported was the ability to print source code files from within the IDE. I did not see this as a show-stopper but some of my team partners refused to even try JBuilder Foundation for this reason. Therefore, I took it upon myself to remove this limitation. The resulting addin is crude but effective.

With the recent release of JBuilder version 3.5, Borland's engineers have added a far better solution for printing that my addin will ever offer. So if you are using version 3.5 (and I suggest you do), this addin will be of no use to you. If, for some reason, you are still using the earlier release, this may be just the thing.

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