David White's Source Safe Addin For JBuilder

Visual Source Safe is a version control system sold by Microsoft. Because of its ease of learning/use/administration and its inclusion in many Microsoft software development products, Visual Source Safe has become very popular and integrations to it can now be found in many editors, IDEs, and other software tools.

Early in my experience with Borland's Delphi IDE, I decided to use its extensions architecture to create an integration between Delphi and Visual Source Safe. I completed my integration but my tenure using Delphi was, unfortunately, a brief one. Shortly after downloading JBuilder Foundation 3.0, someone on one of Borland's public newsgroups inquired about a Source Safe integration with JBuilder. Given my previous experience and my desire to learn something about JBuilder's Open Tools API, I decided to undertake the project. This addin is the result.

This addin makes extensive use of the Visual Source Safe command line interface SS.EXE and therefore will only operate within JBuilder sessions running on the Windows operating system.. It has been tested under both Visual Source Safe version 5.0 and 6.0, however it is likely to work under version 4.0 as well. Please see the notes on the addin's use of Source Safe.

The new version (1.15) of my SourceSafeAddin provides a bug fix for selection of projects where the working directory is not found on disk. See the readme file in the distribution .jar file for more details.

As the addin is distributed under the GNU LGPL, source code is included in the distribution .jar file. Also in the .jar file you will find a readme file with more details about the addin and how to install/configure it.

This addin is far from perfect however, it is being used by a large number of JBuilder users from around the world. Despite my best efforts, many users have encountered difficulties in setting up the addin and getting it working correctly. Most of these issues come down to the same thing again and again - Source Safe Configuration. So please review the FAQ page first if you are having problems. Thanks.

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